Thursday, June 26th, 2014

Hello from The Mad Dash!

Hello and welcome to the first Mad Dash blog!

Our aim on this little corner of the website is to provide you with useful stuff which we think will inform, entertain or inspire you.

The fact that you’re here and reading the blog on our site suggests you’re our type of person and that you want to embrace a healthy, active lifestyle for you and your kids.

That’s definitely what gets us fired up every day and that was the inspiration to set up The Mad Dash family adventure races. What started as an idea has now become our purpose – Encouraging healthy lifestyles where families can have fun together being active.

So who are ‘we’? I’m Darren. I’m 39, married with 2 kids and I’ll admit it…I’m a very average amateur triathlete, marathoner and adventure racer. I’ve raced for many years and as my kids have got a bit older I’ve found myself getting increasingly frustrated that most events don’t cater for adults and kids to race together. In fact none do really! Of course, my kids dutifully still turn up and cheer daddy on and, if they’re lucky, run the last few metres across the finish line. They then usually rifle through my goodie bag and fight over my medal and packet of jelly sweets. It’s at this point I always think how great it would be if we could do something together where we all get medals and goodie bags and bask in the glory of achieving something together, as a team. And with that The Mad Dash was born.

I mentioned the idea to my mate Adam. Adam has been living in Oz for the last five years where it’s all about sport and the outdoor active lifestyle. As an amateur rugby player and occasional karate man (or Brazilian Jujitsu apparently!), sport and wellness is a massive part of Adam’s value chain, so when I spoke about The Mad Dash, something immediately sparked. Before long, Adam and his family were on their way back to the UK to join me on this journey to get families fit through fun!

So, as I mentioned earlier, you’ll get training tips, healthy recipes and updates from us on how the course and obstacles are coming along. You also might get some random musings now and then because we’re a bit partial to that. We’d also love to hear from you; from what you think to getting involved. You can send us emails using the ‘contact’ section of the site anytime.

So that’s our first blog. A little introduction about what makes us tick and we look forward to sharing much more over the coming weeks, months and years!

Bye for now,

Darren & Adam


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